About This Blog

This blog originally started out as a place for me to post commonplaces for English assignment purposes. I tried my best to make them interesting and relevant, but who cares now?
At this moment, this blog is for me to post reviews and previews of games, movies, and television shows relevant to my interests, as well as some other minor things. This will, of course, cover a span of many different genres and media types, so hopefully you can find something you like here. Also, I try to avoid spoilers in my reviews so as not to deter people.

The purpose of my posting reviews and such is to bring you, my readers, a review that is much less formal and more personal than others you may find, but still present them in a professional and "non-texty" style, if you will. I hope these that I bring you are more than just another review of something you might find somewhere else on the internet; in addition, I feel that personally knowing the person who posts a review will give you a better idea of what you might expect from something you haven't seen or experienced yet.
Most of all, I have fun with this. I like seeing peoples' opinions and so it's a good way for me to spread the word about things I like while letting me look back and see how things change over time. I hope you enjoy the amount of content here.