Mark's Favorite Quotes

"God is good - all the time."
"Praised be Jesus Christ, now and forever."
"That life you have taken...please, return them to God!"
"The Catholic Church Authorized/United Under Providence! Going forth!"
"Don't Be Stupid!"
"Let's make it showy!"

"I'm Transforming!"
"This Clinches It! / This Ends It!"
"Destroy Everything! Connect Everything!"
"A New Hero, A New Legend."
"Awaken This Soul!"
"If You Don't Fight, Then You Won't Survive!"
"Open Your Eyes for the Next Faiz."
"Take the Trump Card of Fate!"
"Walking the Path of Heaven, ruler of all."
"The train of time, Den-Liner. Will the next station be in the past or future?"
"Wake Up! Break your chain of destiny!"

"Red Falcon!"
"GingaBlue! Gouki!"
"Big One!"
"Blazing Lion! GaoRed!"
"Noble Eagle! GaoYellow!"
"Surging Shark! GaoBlue!"
"Iron Bison! GaoBlack!"
"Belle Tiger! GaoWhite!"
"We are..."
"Super Sentai!"

"Spade Ace!"
"Battle Japan!"
"Goggle Red!"
"Red One!"
"Change Dragon!"
"Red Flash!"
"Red Mask!"
"Red Falcon!"
"Red Turbo!"
"Red Hawk!"
"TyrannoRanger! Geki!"
"RyuuRanger! TenKaSei, Ryou!"
"NinjaRed, Sasuke!"
"Red Racer!"
"GingaRed! Ryouma!"

"RyuuRanger! TenKaSei, Ryou!"
"ShishiRanger! TenGenSei, Daigo!"
"TenmaRanger! TenJuuSei, Shouji!"
"KirinRanger! TenJiSei, Kazu!"
"HououRanger! TenPuSei, Rin!"
"Shine in the Heavens, Five Stars! Gosei Sentai! DaiRanger!"
"KibaRanger! KoShinSei, Kou!"

"Red Falcon!"
"Yellow Lion!"
"Blue Dolphin!"
"Black Bison!"
"Green Sai!"
"Choujuu Sentai! Liveman!"

"People's lives are the future of the Earth! Burning Rescue Soul! KyuuKyuu Sentai!"
"Five! Hurry!"

"Fiiiiiinal Wave!"

[A lot of Friendship is Magic quotes. You'll have to hear them yourself.]

"Sometimes we...fight for ourselves using these hands. But...with the same hand, we can also grasp another's hand! When that happens, we may be weak...even foolish...but we are not alone!"

"He fights so that no one else needs to fight! Even when plunged alone in his darkness...he wants to make others smile! That's what he believes! If he protects smiles, then I will...protect his smile!"

"He the law. He believes that humans and Fangire can live together!"
"That's just a dream!"
"Despite that, he believes. You gave up! You lost to your own weakness...and forsook the law! But Wataru fights for those who believe! That's what a king is! The qualifications of a king!" 

"Don't make me laugh! Money and prestige have dazzled your eyes! You nouveau riche bastard..."
"Then what are you?! Riders are just BOARD employees. People raise their ranks and only work to recieve payment."
"Wrong! At the very least, this man works...not for money, not for raising his rank, and expecially not to beat down his comrades in an employee survival race!"
"Then for what?"
"Evolution! Fail or succeed...the comrades he works with support and help each other. They evolve together. That's why he works!"

"Do you intend to cover for a traitorous Orphnoch? You human."
"Whether you're an Orphnoch or human doesn't matter. He just wants to protect what's important to him."
"That little thing?"
"It's because it's small...that it needs to be protected!" 

"If humans procure power...they will surely choose a mistaken path. For..."
"For...humans are foolish. Right?"
"That is correct! We will protect humans. They do not need power!"
"Yeah! It's true we are foolish. For example, giving up everything to chase the shadow of a dead woman. Or continuing to run all alone to avoid getting the person most important to us involved. Right?"
"Or using one's body to shield a friend. Right?"
"That is because we are foolish. We won't know unless we fall down and get hurt. Sometimes we stray from our path...Even if it's a mistake, we still continue our journey. We don't need you guys showing us the way!"

"What are you doing?! If a child wants something...he's got to persevere!"
"If you want your physical form back, then imagine it yourself! It's that simple!"
"I can't do that!"
"You can! At first, you depended on other's imaginations...but you've got to be in there!"

"She's a Worm! She has nowhere to return to."
"Wrong! There is only one place in this world...Even if everyone in the world was an enemy...there is a place where one's family is waiting for one's return. And in this world there is only one man...Even if everyone in the world was an enemy, he will fight for his family."
"Bullshit! You're drawn to each other because you're both weak!"
"This a dimension beyond the reach of anyone's voice, bore his loneliness to protect everyone. This man is stronger than all others! You may have the same face, but you are nothing compared to this man. You're just a worm."
"Shut up! Your Clock Up is useless now! This world belongs to me!"
"Really? I destroy everything."

"Hibiki the man said this...'If you can control Oni powers with a righteous heart, become an Oni, and defeat me!'"
"Me, kill Hibiki?! There's no way I can do that!"
"Maybe that's fine. As long as you have that kindness, the Oni won't steal your heart. You're not just inheriting Oni're also inheriting the soul of Hibiki the man."
"Kaitou, you stole my lines!"
"Let me say this: Before you came along...I was a passing-through Kamen Rider! Remember that!"

"Live in this world, Tsukasa! Your journey is over. You can have anything you want here in the Negative World. All sorts of pleasures and joys!"
"You're wrong! Everyone is searching for a world where they belong. A place of light, free of falsehood. We continue journeying to go there. And we mustn't be afraid of the journey! Isn't that right, Natsumikan?"
"No one has the right to corrupt or abuse that journey!"
"You bastard. Who are you?"
"Looks like I am, after all...a passing-through Kamen Rider! Henshin!"

"Foolish humans! I brought peace to this world!"
"Wrong! What you created is Hell!"
"That's right! You shut human eyes! You plugged their ears, and erased their hearts! People need to live based on their own will, and no matter what world it is...that desire is the same!"

"Lord, if you don't win this and return, Jii will cry."
"Why do you...?!"
"Being a bit stubborn is Jii's fight, right? He's protecting your place of return, after all."
"Yeah, I know."
"Of course."
"...Tsukasa. I don't think you're a destroyer."
"Based on?"
"Nothing. Call it wisdom or samurai instinct. I don't know about the world, but we have no intention of driving you out."
"I appreciate it, but I have no intention of saving this world. After all, I am... A passing-through Kamen Rider."

"You guys have no chance of winning."
"Even if there's no chance of winning, there are times when one has to fight. Like this man, fighting alone. To retrieve the people important to him."
"That's just futile resistance."
"Perhaps it's not possible alone...but that's why we help each other. That's why we need friends to support each other! Seems the world...calls that 'a comrade'."

"Fool! You'll just be betrayed again!"
"Just find sanctuary in the Great Shocker world that we create."
"The world you're building is abominable! Man distrusting man. A world where no one can trust each other. But this man is different! In this, the worst of all worlds...he did not forget to keep believing. That's why he met a friend he can truly trust!"

"Even if everyone in the world was an protect one thing, one fights. That's what comrades are."
"By saving that woman, as a result, that woman...No. That woman's world is destined to be destroyed."
"We are comrades! That's why I protect her! That's all!"
"Tsukasa! I will fight for treasure. Receiving the world doesn't interest me. I suppose...we might be what you call 'comrades'."
"Include me as well, Tsukasa!"
"I hesitated because I was torn between my own world and the lives of my comrades. But that was wrong! If I can't protect one smile...there's no way I can protect the smiles of an entire world."
"We learned all of this through our journey."
"Silence! Your journey was a completely pointless foolish act."
"We will continue our journey. We will surpass the barriers of the world to create comrades. Eventually, that journey will become the future."

"Hold it!"
"Take that!"
"Not so fast!"

"Hello. I am Syracuse von Alfredo Jacobson Smith de Sanguine Jones the eighth of the Trabnagian tribe."

"My dog's name is Admiral Wolverine Lightningbolt, because those are the three coolest words in the universe!"

"Friends...why have you sold your souls to the devil?"

"Just a passing-through Kamen Rider. Remember that!"

"Now...count up your sins!"

And of course, the ever-popular line synonymous with Kamen Rider...



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