All About Mark

Hey everyone, Mark here. I guess you're here because you somehow have some interest in this blog. Or maybe you're on this page because you want to know what I like.

I've been a big fan of tokusatsu since about 2005. It's consistently my favorite genre of movies/television and keeps on delivering. If that doesn't sound familiar, it shouldn't. It's a Japanese genre that translates to "special effects". They're live action shows and really cool.
I'm a Catholic, but that mostly came into play in high school. I've made some new friends and we hang out enough to where I don't devote every time I leave the dorm to going to do some church-related thing. However, I still love and live for God and that'll never change.
Politically-wise, I would classify myself as a moderate conservative. It doesn't really come up enough but I am very much pro-life.
My major is RTVF (Radio, Television, Film).
I am not inherently bitter or negative about people. Just opinionated. We need more people like that, to say the least.

As for what exactly you might expect from any non-English 1320 related blog post, I think Lynxara put it best:

"I write about things, especially things where one guy hits another guy and there's rubber monster suits and maybe somebody explodes."