Friday, August 19, 2011

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger - Mid-Season Review

Well, I said I would do it and we're on episode 25, 26 coming tomorrow. That's generally a good estimate of the halfway point. The show's been really great so far, and the first Sentai I've fully enjoyed in a few years. Great characters, music, just awesome. Let's make it showy!

This won't be lengthy like my other season reviews, by any means, but there's still a lot that's happened so hopefully if you haven't seen the show something interests you.
First of all, and probably most important to my like of the show, the characters. Each of the main cast does a really good job at acting how they need to, and no one really feels flat or bad, besides Gai who can get a little overacted at times, but he still fills out well.
Marvelous is a fan-favorite, and for good reason. I really like his devil-may-care attitude, plus he's also a damn good leader. Understanding everyone has their part while also being protective of their bond is a quality I can relate with, so that's really cool. He's also learning a lot and is the character with the most development in the show. It's a little unbalanced, but hey.
Luka and Joe are sort of the second-in-commands, and that's pretty apparent in the episodes. I do like how everyone else has gotten good episode for themselves, too. Really, each member is unique and that's important. I know other Sentai series have had their diverse teams, but I like how the Gokaiger play off each other really well, and their individual personalities are also really good.
The weak point of the show at the moment is the villains. They barely do anything, none of the commanding villains have even fought with exception of Barizorg, and that's cause he has a personal connection to another character!
Basco is a good villain too...but his tricks are gonna get old hat very quickly if the writers aren't careful. Hopefully they start pulling out the big guns soon, because if not, I'm afraid the show may fall flat, and I really don't want that to happen after such a strong opening.
Still, it's been a great show so far and I have good belief that it'll be remembered very fondly. Till next time!


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